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1. Full name,  2. E-mail address,   3. Gender, (m/f)  4. age   "The Church welcomes you"   You will recieve by
e-mail, official membership notification, with your name, from the Church to print out, or recieve
from church. All Information will be kept strickly"Private"And will not be shared, given, sold, forwarded,              
to any third party for any reason. Membership is free, all are invited to join and worship the God of us all    
through Jesus, International members are welcome, and encouraged to join and participate in online Worship.
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Active National and International Church Members and Ministers   Reaching across the
Globe in, West Malasia, Africa, Lagos Nigeria, Brussells Belgium, Haiti , West Indies,
Philipines, Canada, India, United Kindom, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan , France, Alaska ,
Hawaii , Rhode Island ,  California, Washington State, Iowa, Texas, New Mexico , Arizona
,New York , North Carolina , South Carolina , Indiana, Ohio , New Jersey, Connecticut ,
Kentucky, Kansas , Oklahoma ,  Mississippi , Louisiana , Illinois , Michigan , Alabama ,
Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia. A "Christ Centered"
Inviting "All" people, from the U.S. and all Nations and Regions from across the
Everyone is welcome to join our Church, To worship and glorify the Holy God of us
all , through His Son
Jesus, the Christ'   Join our Church,  and Journey with us, as we in
Faith and praise, 'Take the gospel into all the world.(Mark 16:15) Bless you, in Jesus Name.
Pastor C. M. Eskridge
E-mail and request Membership to (church@wv-family-help-ministry.org)      
"All Are Welcome"
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