* Ministering,  As a church we are committed to ministering to its members, visitors to our church, available for
encouragement,support, and ministering. *  Family Help,The Church will help families in times of desperate
needs,financial help,religious encouragement, food, clothing, appliances,vehicles,financial help for immediate relief,  
supported by Church donations , tithing, charitable contributions and public donations to help and support families
to recovery. *   Evangelism ,This Church will proclaim and teach the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to
its members , And to all people seeking the God through Jesus, to use the internet website as a Voice, to spread the
Gospel to the world.  *    This Church is committed to providing free Ordinations to members , (man or woman)  
Providing they believe , this is a true calling to the ministry, Believe in the
"Apostles Creed"  and be committed to
performing the duties according to God's Word.  * The West Virginia Church of Christ Family Help Ministry is
committed to this Mission, our certain belief that we have been called by our Lord Jesus , to start and maintain this
Ministry, And in serving Him in this way, we can best serve the people of the world, and lead lost souls to Jesus,
"May God Bless 'All who reads these words, Amen" Pastor Dr.Charles M. Eskridge Ph.D.
copywright  2001 - 2015  West Virginia Church of Christ Family Help Ministry Intl.
E-mail; (church@wv-family-help-ministry.org)
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