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free, and it would bring great joy, to have "you" in our congregation to glorify God thru Jesus the Christ. As I end this sermon, Today, Please
consider your salvation, to receive and accept Jesus into your heart, Just pray,from your heart, these words,
Jesus I know I'm a sinner,  I ask you
to forgive me of my sins, and I accept You into my Heart, to be my Savior, To confess with my mouth, with my words, that You, are the Lord of
my life,  I believe on you Jesus, As the Christ,  As the Messiah, As the One God raised from the dead on the third day, "As it is
Written"*(Romans 10:9) I believe now, I'm am, and always will be , Saved, by Your Sacrifice on the Cross,  in Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ,
Thank You for my Salvation, and Eternal Life with You,  "Amen"
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saved,  Please visit the
Church Salvation Page  "I Pray for God to Bless, And Keep You, In His Favor" Senior Pastor; ( C.M.  Eskridge D.D. Phd.)
Salvation   Now,  Today   
Holy Father, we receive this message of Your Grace and Love, in our hearts, This Sunday , I ask for Your
blessings and favor,  to all who reads these words. Bless their families and their loved ones, And that they will
tell their loved ones of you Lord, We pray they will receive you, in their hearts, Jesus, as Lord,  We  ask you
Father God , for your blessings On our saints and clergy, the sick, and the hungry, around the Globe, We give
you Thanks  today, in faith and praise,  in the name of our
Savior Jesus Christ, our Resurrected Lord ,
(Everyone say) "
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Sermon;  September 24, 2017
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Keeping our " Passion for God "
The creative force behind all great art, all great drama, all great music, all great architecture, all great writing is passion.
Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without passion. Nothing great is ever sustained in life without passion. Passion is
what energizes life. Passion makes the impossible possible. Passion gives you a reason to get up in the morning and go, "I’m
going to do something with my life today." Without passion life becomes boring. It becomes monotonous. It becomes routine.
It becomes dull. God created you with the emotions to have passion in your life and He wants you to live a passionate life.
Passion is what mobilizes armies into action. Passion is what causes explorers to boldly go where no man’s gone before.
Passion is what causes scientists to spend late night hours trying to find the cure to a dreaded disease. Passion is what takes
a good athlete and turns him or her into a great athlete where they’re breaking records. You’ve got to have passion in your

One day a man walks up to Jesus and he says, "Lord, what’s the most important thing in the Bible?" And you know what the
Great Commandment is. We’ve talked about it many times. Jesus said, "I want you to love God with all your heart and soul
and mind and strength. Nothing matters more than that. That’s the number one thing in life. I want you to love Me
passionately." Nothing else matters in life if you don’t love God passionately. God doesn’t want you to love Him half-
heartedly. He wants you to love Him with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength.

I love the paraphrase of that verse, Mark 11:30, from The Message "Jesus said, ’Love the Lord God with all your passion
and prayer and intelligence and energy." Circle the word "passion". That word, in Greek, is the word "heart." God is saying
I want you to put some muscle into it, put some energy, put some emotion into your relationship with Me. Don’t be a wimp
about your relationship with Me. Don’t be namby-pamby. Don’t be half-hearted. Give it all you’ve got. Jesus is saying, "If
you’re going to follow Me, you’ve got to go it with passion. You’ve got to give it some oomph, some spark, some zip, some
enthusiasm, some zest. I want you to live passionately."

In fact, this truth is all through the Bible. The Bible tells us that we’re to seek God passionately. We’re to love God
passionately. The Bible says that we’re to serve and obey God passionately. We’re to trust God passionately. Then as if you
didn’t get the message, in Colossians 3:23 He says "Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart as unto the Lord and not
unto men." He says I want you to do everything passionately when it comes to loving Me, serving Me, living for Me.

Here’s the amazing thing. In America it’s ok to be passionate about anything except God. That is not politically correct -- to
be passionate about God. I can be passionate about movies. I can be passionate about sports. I can be passionate about
politics. I can be passionate about fashions and clothes. I can be passionate about restaurants (and some of us really are). But
I cannot be passionate about God. That’s a no-no.  So how are you in your passion for God? Are you lukewarm? Are you just
going through the motions? Or are you red hot for God because He loves you that much? Has there ever been a time in your
life when you were closer to God than you are right now? If so why? Nobody’s holding you back. The truth is you’re as close
to God as you choose to be. You can have as much of God as you want. You can be as passionate about God as you want. And
if you’re not it’s your fault.

I want us to pray a prayer together. Would you bow your heads?

Thank You, God. In your heart just say, "Thank You for being passionate about me even when I was distracted by other
things. Jesus, thank You so much for enduring all that suffering for me so I could be forgiven. I’ve never been loved by
anybody that much. Thank You for creating me. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for You. Thank You for having a purpose for
my life. Forgive me for my lukewarm attitude toward You. Jesus, I want to have a passion for You. I want to get up in the
morning looking forward to the day that You’ve planned for me and I want to love You passionately. I want to love others
passionately. I want to use the talents that You’ve given to me for Your sake. Help me to take time to nourish my spirit and
grow every day. Through worship, fellowship with other believers, using my talents for You, sharing the good news with

If you’ve never opened your life to Jesus Christ say, "Lord, today I realize what You did for me. I want to say thank You. I
want to accept what You did for me. And I want to follow You. I want to accept Your forgiveness." In Jesus’ name. Amen.

On the night Jesus was betrayed He took bread and He broke it and He said, "This is My body which is broken for you." He
hadn’t even gone to the cross and He said it so obviously it’s a symbol. He said, "This is to symbolize and help you to
remember how passionate I am about you. When you eat it do it to remember that I gave My life for you."

That same night as He met with those He loved the most -- His disciples -- He took a cup of wine and He said, "This cup
represents the blood that I’m going to shed for you. I want you to keep this tradition, keep this symbol to remember that I
gave My life for you. That’s how passionate I am about loving you. I want you to never forget it." As you drink this say in
your mind, "Jesus, thank You for dying for me." That’s what God wants us to do. He wants us to see Him as our daily bread
and as the air that we breathe. And have that kind of passion for Him.   Let us Pray ..